Weight Gain Day 7: Push

It's now the 7th day of my new excercise regimen.

I swapped one excercise since last time: dumb bell rows. This is because dumb bell rows are actually a back excercise and involve "pulling" so that excercise has been moved to Pull days.

Here are the results:
  • About 7 reps of slight incline bench press on the ball @ 70 lbs (notice this is up from 50 lbs on day 1)
  • About 7 reps of triceps extension laying on the ball @ 25 lbs (one DB held with two hands)
  • About 1.5 reps of shoulder press @ 50 lbs
I did all of these with a pace of 5 sec up 5 sec down. Although I only managed 1.5 reps for the last excercise, the total time under tension (TUT) would be estimated at 155 seconds, which is perfectly fine. What I may do to keep things balanced would be to rotate the last excercise of a given workout to the first excercise at the next workout (e.g. shoulder press was last today, but will appear first at the next workout). It is only natural to fatigue over the course of the workout, so this is not unexpected.

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